Twitter 103 Tweet Smarter Not Harder

Ok, so you have been working your Twitter account. You are familiar with all the terms and lingo. No doubt you have seen your numbers go up and maybe have even made some good connections.

You may also be feeling overwhelmed by all the activity.  If you are having a tough time deciding how to respond or who to respond to, you will want to take note to this week’s post.

Some things to consider now that your Twitter page is seeing some action.

  • You don’t have to read every tweet
  • You don’t have to reply to every @tweet you get — just pick the ones that are relevant, and go with that
  • Don’t get to hung up on the dm’s. You can use direct messages to create community and create a conversation you don’t want every one to see. But there are a lot of people that introduce themselves and throw spam at direct messaging, so consider how much time you spend answering or sending them.
  • Keep your tweets clean and orderly with tiny tweets and shortened urls
  • Make sure your twitter options are turned on on your other sites, such as your blog, so that it will update your tweeples when you post something new without you even having to go to Twitter.
  • Tweet a few times a day, not all day…remember your time frame and stick to it.
  • Retweeting and replies are a great way to create community,  so be sure to do so when relevant, and in topics that will ultimately drive people to your site or product.
  • If you don’t like the content someone is posting that you have followed, simply unfollow them! Don’t waste time with them.

Happy tweeting!

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